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Scary Dark Web Stories



dark web

We only use a portion of the internet that actually exists. You might not be familiar with another side of the internet that most of us don’t know. We call it a deep web. You cannot access this side of the internet using regular search engines. These Tor websites are deeply linked to each other and people using special search engines and web browsers can access them. The bad part of the deep web is popularly known as the dark web and most of the illegal activities are known to happen here. Let us explore some scary dark web stories that might terrify you.

Pictures of Dead Girls

There are websites on the dark web that upload the pictures of dead girls. These sites have a huge database of such pictures to terrify the viewer if he/she is not a brave heart. One of the sites was mentioned by a user on Reddit and there was a huge discussion about it. The site that the user talked about had pictures of deceased girls from ages 5 to 16 which were not meant to be seen by faint-hearted.

People viewing such websites had a deep psychological impact after viewing those photos. The security agencies around the world traced some of those websites and banned them. But, several such websites still exist on the dark web. This was one of the creep dark web stories that can take away your sleep.

Child Abuse

One of the major concerns around the world is child abuse and you will find lots of scary dark web stories related to child abuse associated with the dark web. Such stories include tortures, sexual abuse and other horrifying activities that are done with the child. A user once saw a site that listed down the videos and pictures of child abuse in the most hilarious manner.

You can even find the live streams of children being assaulted on public demand. There are several pedophiles who indulge themselves in such heinous acts of crime. As the identity of all the users on the deep web is masked, people don’t fear to post such illegal things.

Pink Meth Site

Pink Meth was the creepiest website that ever existed on the dark web and was finally brought down by legal actions taken by a girl, who was a victim on that website. That website was meant to seek revenge from the ex-girlfriends. The site allowed people to upload the nude pictures of their ex-girlfriends and display them in front of the world. This also led to some humiliation of those girls and also invaded their modesty.

In one such incident, the girl decided to take legal actions against the site as all her private pictures were uploaded on that site. As a result, the site was taken down to save the modesty of girls. She saved the modesty of thousands of girls who were a victim of that website. However, some websites still exist in the dark web-promoting such things.

Silk Road

Most people have heard about the Silk Road which became infamous after its founder was arrested, and the website was closed down. It was the biggest online black markets selling illegal drugs to people seeking them. All the sellers had to purchase accounts that were auctioned at high prices. After then, these seller accounts were sold for a certain amount of money.

Its founder Ross William Ulbricht was arrested and imprisoned for life without any chance of parole. Various charges against him were proved, and he was convicted. The website (Silk Road) owned by him dealt with banned substances and illegal drugs that were purchased by people around the world.

Experiments on Humans

You all have heard about the experiments performed on different animals for medical purposes, but experiments performed on human beings are certainly unheard of. People have seen several websites that are known to perform experiments on human beings. All kinds of odd experiments are listed on such sites and they are performed by the people working for those sites.

‘The Human Experiment’ is one of the most popular sites of such type on the dark web. True to its name, there are such horrifying experiments listed on the site that will scare you off. They have warehouses all around the globe where they perform these experiments. Some of the worst things listed on the site are: making people starve for prolonged periods, injecting bleach into pregnant women, sterilization, and exposure to radiation and many other bizarre things. You may hear many dark web horror stories like this.

Torture Streams

One of the worst things that happen on the dark web is torture streams. Live streams are running on the dark web that asks people for the assaults or tortures they wish to see. Such things are then performed on the victims. One of the stories narrated by an individual had a girl seated on the chair and there was a chat option enabled. People viewing that stream could comment on what they would like to see. All those terrible actions were then performed on her. The girl’s eyes were gouged and later on, she was killed.

Some of the scary dark web stories claim that such torture streams have a connection with ISIS that is a terrorist group known to perform such heinous crimes. Some of the streams are also popularly called as Red Rooms, showcasing depressing streams of torture incidents done on people.

The Bottom Line

The dark web is filled with nuisances that are hard to find anywhere else. It is one of the creepiest parts of the internet that everyone is ashamed of. If you are ever accessing the dark web, you need to be careful. Access the dark websites through encrypted browsers and best VPNs to keep your identity anonymous. There are several unbelievable stories that you will find on the dark web. Keep searching to find more.

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Four Home Remedies to Help Cure Your Acne




Appearance isn’t everything, but as those who suffer from acne understand, unsightly spots and blemishes can really affect your self-confidence, no matter how hard you try not to let them get to you.

Not only can they make you feel uncomfortable in your skin, but they can also be incredibly painful, especially if you have them on parts of your body that come into contact with your clothing or absorb the pressure when you lay down.

Luckily, we have some good news: there are lots of different ways to tackle your acne. While some people prefer to go down the medical route, others like to try natural remedies first, and there are a number that many profess to have worked.

While they’re not a miracle cure for every individual, here are four that you might want to try.

Tea tree oil

essential oils

When it comes to treating acne, lots of people claim to have success with tea tree oil. A natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it can help to combat the bacteria that causes spots and pimples, while also reducing swelling and redness. Although it may not be strong enough to cure the most serious cases, a 2015 study suggested that products containing tea tree are often effective in reducing both the number and severity of sores in those with mild to moderate acne.

CBD oil

Another substance that can supposedly help those suffering with the condition is CBD oil. A naturally occurring compound that’s present in the cannabis sativa plant, this is one of over 100 chemicals found in marijuana, as this article on how to activate THC explains. As acne is often caused by the body overproducing sebum, CBD can have a positive effect by helping to regulate this. In addition, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that calm the skin and could thus prevent further breakouts.

Jojoba oil

When you suffer from acne, you quickly learn to avoid oily products, so it can seem counterproductive to apply something like jojoba oil to your skin. However, don’t be too quick to discount it as a remedy. Known to repair damaged skin, jojoba oil has the effect of speeding up wound healing, helping to lessen the severity and long-term damage caused by acne lesions. On top of this, it works as an anti-inflammatory, to reduce redness and swelling during breakouts.

Aloe Vera

Like tea tree, aloe vera has many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great choice for those suffering from acne. That’s because it can not only work to prevent breakouts, but also keeps spots and blemishes clean and free of infection, so they’re better able to heal. In addition, it makes a wonderful moisturizer and is highly effective in resolving the dryness that’s often caused by acne medication and/or over-the-counter treatments.

When it comes to tackling your acne, there are lots of options open to you, from prescription medication through to natural remedies like the ones above. Importantly, it’s about finding what works for the individual, so why not give these a try today to see how they can help you?

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How Has Technology Shaped and Changed Poker?




Despite being in existence since the early 19th Century, poker was a niche pastime played by a select group of people for nearly two hundred years. Indeed, without the internet, it may have remained in the background as one of the less frequently played card games. The popularity that poker enjoys today is thanks to the online poker boom of the early 2000s.

The internet made the game accessible to everyone with a computer, and Texas Hold’em became the variant of choice. Even though some poker purists will say that live poker is the only way to enjoy the game, the booming industry that exists now wouldn’t be there without the online strain. Now technology is doing, even more, to shape the future of poker and change the way people play.

You can’t hold the cards online, but it is much easier to find a game.

Source: Pexels

Increased Varieties of Poker Available

Before the internet boom, the most-played variants of poker were 5 card and 7 card stud. Perhaps the reason why this type of poker didn’t catch on was because it was harder for players to understand. Texas Hold’em became the most-played variant at online poker sites because the rules were simple, and also because it relied less on bluffing and trying to read opponents’ body language. Hold’em players have a lot more information available to them with the community cards in the center, which makes it possible to play against people you can’t see.

Stud poker could be about to make a comeback.

The simplicity of Hold’em and the fact that a lot of televised poker such as the World Series of Poker uses this strain of the game has helped it act as a gateway to other forms of poker. Players learn their trade by playing the popular variant, and then move on to other types of poker to enhance their overall skill set.

Online poker providers have realized that players want a diverse set of options now, and have made different forms of poker available. Stud poker is making a comeback, and Omaha is gaining a lot of followers. Then there are modern forms of the game which are geared to the younger mobile scene. These include poker games like SNAP, a fast-fold variant designed to decrease waiting times between hands. In addition to all the different types of poker on offer, players have the opportunity to choose between tournaments and cash games. There are even fast-paced tournaments now, which feature fewer players and force them to go all in after a specified amount of time.

Games are Transferable between Devices

There is little doubt that accessibility has been the key to online poker turning into a global sensation. Before the internet, if players wanted to find a game of poker they would have usually had to go to a casino. The problem with this is that a lot of places in the world don’t have easy access to a gambling house, so residents of those locations didn’t have a way to play.

Now, however, anyone can log on to the web from anywhere in the world and get dealt a hand within a matter of minutes. There are millions of people playing all the time, so finding a seat at a table is seamless. With technology advancing at a truly astonishing rate, accessing poker sites is now easier than ever. Indeed, the flourishing mobile market has led a lot of online poker operators to gear their products to the smaller screen.

SNAP poker is an example of a game which is purely designed for the mobile crowd, who only have time to play games in short bursts. Integration in technology and synergy between devices has also helped the ease of playing. Players can start a game on their computer and then switch to mobile if they need to go somewhere. This is helpful when playing a long tournament.

Diverse Choice of Opponents

In the old days of poker when players went down to a casino to play, there would usually be an eclectic mix of players. It would include some beginners, some professionals, and a few in the middle. This would make for odd games where it was hard to get a read on players, as everyone would be playing with a different strategy. The internet has made finding the right opponents much easier.

Beginners can go to an online poker site and match themselves against a similar level of opponent by selecting low stakes or free to play games. This can be a great way to get the hang of the game and learn about all the different hands. From there, players can gradually up the stakes and, in doing so, meet increasingly more skilled players as the price goes up.

Playing against expert players can often lead to more predictable games. This is where the mathematical side to the game plays a much stronger role, as players need to judge their odds of winning in any particular hand. Amateur players often play a wide range of cards in a loose style, hoping to get lucky. This makes it harder to guess what they could be holding. But experts will muck low value hands pre-flop and only play cards which have a good chance of hitting something. This makes it easier to assess their range.

When playing against experts it can sometimes be easier to put them on a hand range.

In addition to playing against beginners and experts, players can even choose to play live casino variants of the game against croupiers. For practice play, there are offshoots of the game in which players can play against a computer.

Technology and the internet has turned poker into a larger game than it had been before. There are numerous variants of the game and ways to play, and this has helped it become one of the most popular card games on the planet.


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