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Thank you for showing interest in writing for Blogging Virus. We are currently among a few of the popular blogs in many different parts of the globe. Currently, we are looking forward to brilliant guest bloggers to join us in the venture. Guest posting is an excellent way of expanding the content available on the blog and thus the audience will have a wide range of topics.

SEO write for us/Guest Post

The guest bloggers can take advantage of our user base and it also gives you a great chance to borrow our audience. Your guest post will receive exposure, apart from this your post will also be shared on our social media channels. If you end up landing on this page then you must be interested in writing for us.

If you have great writing skills and like to share it with a large audience without having an urge of getting paid in return then we would love to hear from you. Please spare some time and review this entire page. This will answer most of your questions regarding what kind of content we are looking for or how you can actually submit the article.

As of now, we receive a large number of guest post requests regarding Blogging write for us, so we cannot allow everyone to write for us. We strongly recommend that you follow our guidelines thus increasing your chance of being accepted. All the submissions which violate our specific guidelines will be automatically rejected.

Why You Should Write for Us?

Guest blogging refers to writing and publishing blog posts for someone else. In the beginning, this seems like an odd idea and it should be “Why should I spend time and write a blog post for someone else?” Actually, Guest blogging is a great way to promote both you and your website in a smart way.

There is a large number of websites that allow guest blogging to write for us, including us. At the same time, there must be a large number of writers who own a fairly similar website but at a much smaller scale. When the topics on both websites are relevant to each other it benefits both.


Your guest post will be available to our large audience and thus your name or product will see a lot of faces than ever before. You will receive targeted and high-quality traffic since both of the blogs are in a similar niche. Guest blogging can help you to increase your authority and thus increasing you will get a better result on the Google search page.

Social Media Growth

Guest blogging can help you to increase your social media followers. If your article is great then people will often follow you through Twitter or LinkedIn by looking at your author bio to see what other content you have published. Even if 5% of the people open your social media profile, there’s a chance that some of these will become your follower and benefit you in the long run.


We allow you to have do-follow backlinks or links to your own website or social media account in the author’s bio. These links drive traffic and help improve the organic search ranking so you will have a better SEO score. Getting a link from High Authority website is still beneficial as it gives positive impressions in Google’s eyes.


Guest blogging can help you to connect to other writers and people with similar interests. You will be more visible in your online community, meet new people and boost your career or brand.

If someone likes your content, he will definitely connect with you on your social media accounts or emails. This will create a network and open up more opportunities for you as people like to work with other people in a similar profession.

Types of Posts We Accept on Blogging Virus for Blogging write for us Submission

Our blog mainly focuses on Blogging and SEO Niche but we will also cover other relevant topics our audience is interested in. Whether you are a professional writer with a long-term experience or just a newbie who is just getting started as long as you provide original content with compelling argument and high-quality writing you can write for us on SEO.

Here are some of the most successful content types.

How-to Guides

How most of us figure stuff out? We simply Google them. Instead of Reading Manuals people like How-to Guides.

Beginner Guides

Everyone has to start somewhere and that’s where beginners guide comes into play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google uses FAQs to answer most of the questions directly on the search result page.


Setting up an interview helps the audience to gather useful knowledge from the professionals.
Personal Stories

It may not be as useful for your own blog but it definitely keeps the reader sticking to the blog and you can also relate to your business in a skilful way.

Product Reviews: Reviewing a product or service is a great way to promote your own product. It not only drives traffic but has a higher chance that the user will check out the product itself.

What We Won’t Accept

There are a few things we do not accept.

  • Any type of content which has already been covered on the website before. You can figure this out by doing a simple search on our site.
  • Contents that are too promotional for your company or something which manipulates people to incline toward a product.
  • Guest posts that are offensive, misleading or inaccurate.
  • Product comparison posts or Press release.
  • Any content which criticizes a particular brand, company or product. Blogging Virus is not the right place for your grievances.
  • Any religious or political content is simply not acceptable.

Blogging write for us – Guest Post Guidelines

● Your article must be original, written by you and has never been published on the internet before. The guest post must focus on the topics we usually cover on our website and we don’t publish content that doesn’t fall in the same niche. Your post must be well written and free from any grammatical errors and the originality score must be 90% or you will automatically be rejected.

● Your guest post must contain more than 800 words and can go up to 3000 Words. There are no limitations, our aim is to provide complete information available to the user so keep that in mind. The topic must be properly researched and must cover every aspect. Consider writing in a tone that is less formal and more friendly.

● Images are optional however images and videos are essential and help prove a lot of points you make. If you wish to provide an image to go along with your guest post make sure it is at least 200 x 200 Pixels in size and can be JPG or PNG format.

● Please ensure that you use your own Image/Screenshots/Illustration if you wish to include them in the article. We don’t want to violate any copyright infringement so provide a source if it’s taken from somewhere else. Do not use Stock Images.

● Self-promotional contents are strictly not allowed. You are free to insert one or two do-follow links to your website inside the article. Keep in mind that we do not link to our competitors. We love the Guest bloggers who find a way to include links to our old blog posts which is similar to the current topic.

● In case you are using some piece of information that is taken from a different website then you must provide a link to them mentioning as “Source” at the bottom of the post. Kindly use recent sourced examples because there is a lot of fake news these days so we need a trusted source to back up the facts and points which have been made.

● To make the content more SEO friendly kindly use proper headings and subheadings and include a short meta description about the post and a focus keyword. Finally, to end the article consider including a short summary of the entire article with your opinion. The conclusion is very important when we are writing about a product and we should not be completely inclined toward the product.

That’s it for Blogging write for us Guidelines For BloggingVirus. Feel Free to contact us in case of any doubt.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Here are a few things you have to keep in mind before you hit the send email button.

Accepted Format: We accept almost all kinds of formats, the most preferred ones are HTML and Word Doc. You can send the content in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Google Doc, Dropbox Papers, PDF or write them in the email itself. Whatever your format is Make sure it is easily accessible to us and it is not read-only, making it difficult to edit.

Submission: You can attach the guest post in the email or send us a link to it in case you are uploading it in a different place. As we will be mostly communicating through emails, we prefer to have it attached in the email itself. Again, whatever point of submission for Blogging Write to us. You choose to make sure it is easier for us to access it.

You can attach the images in the Word Doc file itself or send then in a separate folder (Google Drive or Dropbox). You can also upload them on a third-party image uploading site such as Imgur.

Post Formatting: Here are a few things to remember while writing an SEO friendly blog post.

● Every word in the title should be capitalized.
● Use subheadings, lists, images, bullet points, break up long paragraphs into small ones.
● Only the first word in each Subheading should be capitalized.
● Use one space between each sentence.
● Make all the important word or line Bold.
● Make use of proper punctuation and commas.

Author Bio: You can include a 50 to 75 Words Author bio with an optional anchor text link to your own website or social media account such as Twitter or Facebook. If you own a Gravatar account then you can provide the email address which is linked to your Gravatar Account.

How to Submit Your Guest Post for Blogging Write for us Submission Box?

There are a lot of different types of articles you can send us here, so you can either decide to send us a proposal first and then send the article or send us the proposal along with the article attached.

It’s totally up to you, however, if the article is already attached it will save a lot of time for both of us because we can review the article instantly and if your article is up to the mark and written as per our guidelines there are high chances that it will get accepted.


If your guest post meets our standards for submission of Blogging write for us, we will respond back to you and let you know that your article is published and this may take some time.

We also don’t like to keep people hanging in case the article is not up to the mark and has not been accepted. We will let you know in both the cases and don’t worry your article will stay yours and you are free to publish the article elsewhere.

Final Words

We highly appreciate all the guest post & Blogging write for us submissions we receive daily on Blogging Virus and the time and efforts behind them. However, due to the high volume of requests we receive on a daily basis, we simply cannot accept all of them.

Your Submission must meet a certain quality standard set by the Blogging Virus team in order to get published on Blogging write for us on the website. Congratulations! If your blogging write for us got accepted, you can now share it on your personal social media account or your brand account if you like to.

We would also want you to know that we don’t allow you to republish the same post on your personal blog, Medium, LinkedIn or any other microblogging website. We also reserve all the rights to edit and modify the blog post as per our need and we may also update it in the future if required.

We like to publish as much as we can daily and if your guest post is taking some to get published then it’s probably because we have few numbers of submissions for Blogging write for us under review so before shooting us with another email kindly wait for some time.

We usually take around 3 days to analyze your content and sometimes it may take us up to 7 days to respond so please be patient. We will try to notify you as soon as possible. So, That’s all folks!