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How long is Suikoden 5?



Suikoden V is a role-playing video game that is being developed by Konami and Hudson Soft. The game was originally published by Konami and is played in Sony PlayStation 2. It was introduced in the year 2006 and is the fifth main instalment of the Suikoden game of series. This was the last part introduced till date and there are no hopes of a next addition to the series. After its release, the company sold almost 2,00,000 copies of the game in Japan.

Based on a classical Chinese Novel the game centres on mainly the political struggles of the Queendom of Falena. The player plays the Prince of Falena and travels the whole world dealing with different problems faced in the nation and acquiring allies. There is a vast array of different characters in the game. Over 60 characters are usable in the and various others are also available that either help or hinder the prince in several different ways.


The battle in Suikoden V features 6 persons as parties rather than just 4 person parties of Suikoden IV. This was the most desired change in the game as the first parts included 6 characters only. The characters can be individually controlled as well. A skill system also exists in Suikoden V & VI as it was present in Suikoden III. For instance, there is a stamina skill and it increases a character’s hit points. There are different affinities for different skills in each character. However, only two out of various skills can be added to each character but they can be switched at any point in time while the person is playing the game or battling.

If all the hit points of all the characters are lost then the game is anticipated to be over and the player must restart the game. There are exceptions in the plot battle in which winning is not sure and the player loses and the plot continues.

There are different characters in the game as well and those who don’t participate in the game directly are seen offering other services to the prince. The services offered include running a shop, aiding in the strategic war battles. You also have the option of keeping 4 characters aside in reserve of the current parties. There are some non-combat characters offer other minor benefits as well such as the healing capability after the bottle or there are also greater chances of finding a special item after the battle is over.

Some additional benefits are also provided to certain characters in certain different units. The benefits offered are magical attacks, using runes, leadership bonuses, etc. Suikoden V also contains a variety of minigames that include fishing, which is accessible through the character Subala and Blind Man’s bluff which is a card game played by Linfa.


The game started as a guide to the series. The development began much before that of Suikoden IV. However, the content that the team grew the game eventually evolved into the main instalment.

The prince searches first for a sanctuary and then for a way to fight back. The soundtrack of the game includes a variety of remixes and references to Higashino’s work. The complete Suikoden series all the music from the game in original form. The original form was released in 2006 and along with it was released a shorter limited version of demo disc that was also released earlier. The music in Suikoden V is composed by Norikazu Miura and Konami veteran Miki Higashino.

Playtime according to the reviews

After playing continuously for 2 and a half hours the person will be able to fight almost 6 battles in the series. There are some irritations and annoyance experienced by many players while they were playing because of the 10-step and another cutscene repetition. It seems that the game never picks up and you will have to play the same thing again and again. It is being concluded by many players that it seems to them as a visual novel and they don’t take it as a game at all. The players have to endure this game as they see cutscenes one after the other is being played and much gaming is not seen in the fifth edition.


Well, the entire game can take a minimum of around 5 hours to complete fully and moreover it also depends on how the player plays it and if he is enjoying the game or not. The people who are interested in the game are likely to finish it earlier than those who are not able to enjoy the game. Though huge fan base was recognised by the production house at the time of its release, the game was not liked by many and they were expecting much more in this edition. Some took 6 hours to end the game.

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How to Find a Credible Internet Service Provider




There would be hundreds of internet service providers deeming their credibility as notable around you. If you started to trust each and every one of those providers, do you think there will be any value left in your decision? We think not. Finding a credible ISP for residential or business purposes isn’t rocket science. All you require is some thorough market research, knowing your bandwidth needs and judging the reliability of a particular provider by viewing reviews and ratings about them. Sounds quite simple, no? But when you actually embark on the process of finding an ISP, you will soon face the real hurdles.

We have heard out your concerns and for that reason, we have compiled this concise yet highly effectual guide for differentiating the best ISPs from the average or even the worst.

Internet Connection Types

No, fiber-optic isn’t the only type of internet to exist. While it might be the quickest in terms of download/speed, there are other options to consider, as well. Suppose, you reside in Ohio and the hassle of finding an internet connection is getting out of control. For Ohioans, wired internet services, especially cable internet, is the primary choice. Providers such as Xfinity Roseville are covering a wider spectrum of the state and its corresponding cities. Yet here are the existing types of internet connections commonly used across the United States.


DSL connections root from conventional telephone mediums yet is quite advanced in nature. You won’t feel as if you are using a rusted dial-up connection with DSL. While it might not have secured a stature as cable or fiber, it still yields a visible spot in the ISP spectrum. Since it’s a wired connection type, the farther the distance, the slower the download speed becomes. In simpler words, your DSL internet provider should be close to your residential or business vicinity.


DSL and cable both are wired internet types but for cable, coaxial lines are used instead of telephone lines. Data is transferred and acquired quickly with less usage and occurrence of data caps. It’s a mistaken belief that the highest speed you can get from a cable connection is up to 100 Mbps as many credible internet service providers have proved otherwise. It might be an old-school preference and a better selection would seemingly be fiber-optic internet, cable has a dedicated user-base of its own.


Fiber-optic internet is the fastest amongst all. Your internet would not be ordinarily fast rather it will be blazing-fast. The concept of fiber is widely known so explaining how it works is self-explanatory. Or at least, that’s what we are assuming. Could you have ever imagined that a piece of glass would transmit internet connections to metros, suburbs and central locations of mainland cities? Fiber is becoming so common that its availability isn’t scarce across varying states of the USA. You could be living on the Las Vegas Strip or Salt Lake City, fiber internet is everywhere.


Lastly, satellite internet brought a new wave to the ISP domain. The dilemma suburban households and businesses used to face was addressed and fixed with the inclusion of satellite internet. The only drawback of opting for satellite connection is the requirement of long contracts and lower download speeds. A preferable option over satellite internet is DSL as wired internet covers higher internet speeds. However, if area coverage is the concern, going wireless is the utmost solution.

Other factors to consider

Internet type aside, you need to consider speed, as well. An average internet speed starts from 15 Mbps and recedes up to 1000 Mbps, especially in the case of fiber-optic cable. However, speed isn’t the only highlight here. There are several other essential factors you have to take into account.

Initially, make sure the ISP you are opting for is adamant in providing timely customer support and 24/7 technical assistance. It’s quite common for the internet to be down in the era’s digital noise. If it persists, paying hefty internet fees monthly remains futile.

Now on a more technical spectrum, every internet type is connected to data caps. While some internet service providers ensure zero data caps yet some don’t. You have to recollect your internet needs once again and make sure whether bandwidth limitations would work for you or not. The price range of internet packages varies according to data caps, as well. Suppose, the limit of data caps has exceeded, the expensive your internet plan shall become.


Many other factors such as contract time, limitations, and yearly downtime are essential to know yet these come secondary. All the details we have jotted down, stay true to facts and surely, will help you make the right ISP selection at the right moment.

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Scary Dark Web Stories




dark web

We only use a portion of the internet that actually exists. You might not be familiar with another side of the internet that most of us don’t know. We call it a deep web. You cannot access this side of the internet using regular search engines. These Tor websites are deeply linked to each other and people using special search engines and web browsers can access them. The bad part of the deep web is popularly known as the dark web and most of the illegal activities are known to happen here. Let us explore some scary dark web stories that might terrify you.

Pictures of Dead Girls

There are websites on the dark web that upload the pictures of dead girls. These sites have a huge database of such pictures to terrify the viewer if he/she is not a brave heart. One of the sites was mentioned by a user on Reddit and there was a huge discussion about it. The site that the user talked about had pictures of deceased girls from ages 5 to 16 which were not meant to be seen by faint-hearted.

People viewing such websites had a deep psychological impact after viewing those photos. The security agencies around the world traced some of those websites and banned them. But, several such websites still exist on the dark web. This was one of the creep dark web stories that can take away your sleep.

Child Abuse

One of the major concerns around the world is child abuse and you will find lots of scary dark web stories related to child abuse associated with the dark web. Such stories include tortures, sexual abuse and other horrifying activities that are done with the child. A user once saw a site that listed down the videos and pictures of child abuse in the most hilarious manner.

You can even find the live streams of children being assaulted on public demand. There are several pedophiles who indulge themselves in such heinous acts of crime. As the identity of all the users on the deep web is masked, people don’t fear to post such illegal things.

Pink Meth Site

Pink Meth was the creepiest website that ever existed on the dark web and was finally brought down by legal actions taken by a girl, who was a victim on that website. That website was meant to seek revenge from the ex-girlfriends. The site allowed people to upload the nude pictures of their ex-girlfriends and display them in front of the world. This also led to some humiliation of those girls and also invaded their modesty.

In one such incident, the girl decided to take legal actions against the site as all her private pictures were uploaded on that site. As a result, the site was taken down to save the modesty of girls. She saved the modesty of thousands of girls who were a victim of that website. However, some websites still exist in the dark web-promoting such things.

Silk Road

Most people have heard about the Silk Road which became infamous after its founder was arrested, and the website was closed down. It was the biggest online black markets selling illegal drugs to people seeking them. All the sellers had to purchase accounts that were auctioned at high prices. After then, these seller accounts were sold for a certain amount of money.

Its founder Ross William Ulbricht was arrested and imprisoned for life without any chance of parole. Various charges against him were proved, and he was convicted. The website (Silk Road) owned by him dealt with banned substances and illegal drugs that were purchased by people around the world.

Experiments on Humans

You all have heard about the experiments performed on different animals for medical purposes, but experiments performed on human beings are certainly unheard of. People have seen several websites that are known to perform experiments on human beings. All kinds of odd experiments are listed on such sites and they are performed by the people working for those sites.

‘The Human Experiment’ is one of the most popular sites of such type on the dark web. True to its name, there are such horrifying experiments listed on the site that will scare you off. They have warehouses all around the globe where they perform these experiments. Some of the worst things listed on the site are: making people starve for prolonged periods, injecting bleach into pregnant women, sterilization, and exposure to radiation and many other bizarre things. You may hear many dark web horror stories like this.

Torture Streams

One of the worst things that happen on the dark web is torture streams. Live streams are running on the dark web that asks people for the assaults or tortures they wish to see. Such things are then performed on the victims. One of the stories narrated by an individual had a girl seated on the chair and there was a chat option enabled. People viewing that stream could comment on what they would like to see. All those terrible actions were then performed on her. The girl’s eyes were gouged and later on, she was killed.

Some of the scary dark web stories claim that such torture streams have a connection with ISIS that is a terrorist group known to perform such heinous crimes. Some of the streams are also popularly called as Red Rooms, showcasing depressing streams of torture incidents done on people.

The Bottom Line

The dark web is filled with nuisances that are hard to find anywhere else. It is one of the creepiest parts of the internet that everyone is ashamed of. If you are ever accessing the dark web, you need to be careful. Access the dark websites through encrypted browsers and best VPNs to keep your identity anonymous. There are several unbelievable stories that you will find on the dark web. Keep searching to find more.

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Maruti Suzuki Eeco vs Omni? Know the top 5 Differences




Maruti Suzuki is one of the top best car manufacturing companies. This company was set up in 1981. Therefore, the products sold by this company are very much durable and reliable. 

So, if you are a car lover and want to know which is best (Maruti Suzuki Eeco or Omni). Then you should read this article, it will help you to make decisions about which car is good to buy which not. Here are the top 5 differences that you should know about Maruti Suzuki Eeco or Omni.

  • Mileage:

Maruti Suzuki Eeco has a mileage of 12-14 KMPL. But on the other hand, Maruti Suzuki Omni is a car with having a mileage of 8-10 KMPL. Therefore, it is very much clear that Maruti Suzuki Eeco has better mileage than Omni.

  • Dimensions:

The length of Maruti Suzuki Eeco and Omni is around 3675 mm and 3370 mm respectively. Whereas the breadth of both these cars is around 1475 mm and 1419 mm.

  • Engine and Motor:

Both the Maruti Suzuki Eeco and Omni are having petrol as the fuel type and the engine installation is also the same; there in the front. But when it comes to engine displacement Maruti Suzuki Eeco is gives 1196 CC of displacement. Whereas Maruti Suzuki Omni is given 796 CC of displacement. Both cars are having different ratios of engine displacement.

Now, we will discuss the engine power and engine torque of these cars. Maruti Suzuki Eeco is having 73hp at 6000rpm maximum engine power and 101Nm at 3000rpm of torque power. Whereas Maruti Suzuki Omni is having 35hp at 5000rpm maximum engine power and 59Nm at 2500rpm of torque power. 

Moreover, from these power ratios, it is very much clear that Maruti Suzuki Eeco is much better than Omni.

  • Safety Features:

Both cars are very much safe. Let’s talk about the safety features of these cars.

  1. Maruti Suzuki Eeco is a car having Airbags- This feature will further help in improving safety in a crash. Anti-Lock brakes are the features that prevent the car from theft. Moreover, the cars are having special child locks.
  2. Maruti Suzuki Omni is a car having fewer safety features than Eeco. This is a car having special child locks. There is the availability of airbags also one for the driver and other for the co-driver. 

From the safety features also we came to know that Maruti Suzuki Eeco is much better.

  • Price:

Both cars are having different on-road prices. Maruti Suzuki Eeco is a car having 3 lakhs. But Maruti Suzuki Omni on road price is around 3.65 lakhs.

So, from the above-mentioned reasons, it is very much clear the Maruti Suzuki Eeco is very much better than Maruti Suzuki Omni. 

So, if you are thinking to buy a car you should buy Maruti Suzuki Eeco. It will better advantages than Maruti Suzuki Omni. Go to a nearby showroom and book your car today only.

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