Well, there is a long list of Suikoden games and it is being loved by its fans very much. If you want to know how many Suikoden games are available in the PlayStation then refer to the list below. We have noted major Suikoden games available that can still be played.

Games of the Suikoden Series


PlayStation: This is the first game in the Genso Suikoden Series. In this game the son of an imperial general is expected and asked to perform his duties as a part of the Military Arm of the Empire. He, along with his army is being sent around the country on several different missions and it is then that they realize what type of world they are living in. He notices the corruption and injustice going on and decides that it cannot go further. There were a lot of positive reviews received upon the release of the series. The team has six players that include the main character and five other travelers and bodyguards fighting. It has great music which is regarded as a great aspect of this game. The first part has the setting of the Toran Region.

Suikoden II

This part was released almost after three years of the release of the first part and in the neighboring region. The kingdom of highland is regarded to be more powerful than each country realized that they need to acquire some more breathing room. Riou is the son of Genkaku, who along with his best friend are the members of the highland Youth Brigade. They are used by the highland itself and the people were evoked to fight a full-scale war against the city, States of Jowston. The games received a high review rating of about 9/10 from various game review sites. Vibrant colors and comical mannerisms are used in between the scenes that help to give it a lighthearted look overall. However, there are moments in the game when you might have to make tough decisions and then it will be stuck in your mind even after hours of playing. If you have the first part saved in your memory card then you can automatically start this game and the characters that return gets special equipment and bonus.

Suikoden III

PlayStation. 2: This is the first game of Suikoden in PlayStation 2. This was the most appreciated part of the franchise and was unique. The player can choose which chapter they will be playing and the character they will control. There are 3 different chapters for each character and after that, they all become part of the same story which then leads to a spectacular end. The three major players are Geddoe, Chris and Hugo. All three are believed to live completely different lives.

Suikoden IV

PlayStation 2 – This is the next edition of the same series that was also introduced in PlayStation 2. Not many changes were noticed in this part and were still loved by the fans because of the additions of some new weapons and equipment to win the battle against the opponent.

Suikoden Tactics

PlayStation 2: The game has some resemblance with the Suikoden’s first part of the series but is not its part. The game was opposed to being a console-RPG but is still set-up as a tactical based RPG. Kyril’s actions were introduced in previous parts of the game and are continued in this edition as well. There were some continuity errors in it previously but were rectified in this edition and were put into place. Due to only being a spin-off and not an original part of the series, it received less criticism than SK IV.

Suikoden V

PlayStation 2: This is till now the last part of the series that was being introduced back in 2006. After this, no new edition was released or was added to the collections. Well, the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the sixth part but there are no official announcements or update on the release of next edition.


The Suikoden series is based on a Classical Chinese Novel, Shui Hu Zhuan. Each game is being centered around themes of politics, revolution, corruption, etc. The themes are quite relevant. There was an irregular chronological sequence followed in the series of Suikoden and the entire series took place within the same world among some overlapping histories. In some of the games, the different characters are being introduced in multiple installments. Shui Hu Zhuan in Japanese is read as Suikoden and this is how the series got its name. It is a very popular love role-playing game by Konami. Konami has decided to stop making console games and focus more on mobile games since they are in more demand.