Owned by Konami Suikoden is a series that was released on PlayStation back in 1995. After the successful running of three years, its second part was released in 1998 because it gathered a huge fan base and people loved playing this game in their Sony PlayStation. The series is still considered as one of the best JRPGs of all time. There are various wars held in the series and its main focus is on political disputes and world-building. There are semi-sentiments magical crests involved in almost every war. The magical crests are also known as True Runes. The runes are very powerful as they hold some great capabilities and they are popular for blessing its user with immortality.

There was a lot of care for the world shown in Suikoden and it also showed love and care towards its characters. Some powerful motivations were given to the villains in the game and the player was allowed to amass a large army with tons of unique individuals. There is a new game introduced named as Fire Emblem: The three houses and it reminds the players about Suikoden. There is conflict in the series along with some masked villains who have some motivations and the users are given time to understand them very well. There is a huge cast of characters in the game who directly or indirectly helps the prince to fight the battle against the opponent.

Fire Emblem is also loved by many people but Suikoden is still alive in their hearts. The series can never be replaced by some other game and people still want a new edition of the series so that they get a chance to enjoy this game once again. Its last part was part V which was released in 2006 and even after 13 years of its release its fans are hoping that Konami will introduce a new edition of Suikoden 6 series and this way they will be able to enjoy this game once again.

Other Similar Games

The three houses have a complete resemblance to Suikoden III and this edition had a great response from the players and it was loved the most. The game focused on a war that was fought between the grasslands tribe and a mercantile nation. The conflict was manipulated with the help of a vast empire which was looking to strike in the confusion.

There is a Trinity Sight system in the game that allowed the user to choose the perspectives of three different protagonists who were – the son of the tribal chieftain, a female knight who was commanding the merchant nation’s forces. The last one was the furtive mercenary employed by the empire. There were events in the game from multiple perspectives even before there was convergent in the paths of the characters. The game was allowed to round out the conflict and various topics were also addressed such as cost of immortality, gender expectations, childhood loss, etc. Suikoden II was more focussed on being narrative of warring friends but the game was still adored by many.

Long-awaited edition

The last part of the series was its fifth part that was being introduced on PlayStation 2 and it was not able to.make much profit but still, it had a good response from the audience. The people who played the whole series are eagerly waiting for its next edition as well but the chances are negligible that Konami will make it next part as it was not able to gain many profits in its last part. The team expected a much better response but the game doesn’t seem to help them earn huge.

The last part was released in 2006 and there were various spinoffs in between the original series. The spinoffs were named as Suikoden Nintendo DS and PSP. Though they were not the original part of the series a good response was received by them as well. The expectations were fulfilled and people lived the game very much as it was a spin-off of a very popular series and its fans were eagerly waiting for its new edition. The spinoffs were only released in between the original series but there were no real Suikoden games. Its last release was Genso Suikoden: The woven web of the century which was released in 2012. There are no new releases after this and many people have lost all hopes that a new release will be made to the series.

There are no official announcements by Konami on the release of an original Suikoden edition that will be its sixth part but there were rumors that a new edition will be released. There are various game-play modes featured in Suikoden such as turn-based combat, intricate storylines, sweeping experience, etc. A new Suikoden game has the potential to be more powerful that will explore tough issues. The fans are long overdue for another and are still hoping that there will be a new edition. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.