Writing can be a leisurely hobby, a way to pass the time, a way to express oneself, a way to be creative and most importantly for many, a way to make money. There are many people with really great blogs looking for the right way to monetize their work and earn cash through their blogs. The blog can be a hobby blog, a business blog or a blog on any topic that can be monetized on the internet. The following are some ways in which people can make money through their blogs

Ways to Monetize a Blog

CPC & CPM Blog Ads

Popular blogs attract advertising especially from products and services that cater to the subject of the blog. Cost per click or pay per click ads are often placed on blogs where the blogger gets money per click on the advertisement. CPM ads are similar to CPC ads where the blogger gets money based on the number of views of the advertisement on the blog.

Tools like Google AdSense help bloggers place such ads on their blogs and Google chooses ads that are relevant to the content. There are many types of advertising networks besides Google AdSense that can be used to get such ads on the blog.

Selling Ads Privately On the Blog Websites

Many bloggers like to play a more decisive role on which ads they want to place on their website and do not like to use the advertising networks like Google AdSense online. Successful blogs that see high traffic are usually approached by advertisers directly to place their advertisements on the blog. Selling ad space privately can be extremely profitable for blogs as they can eliminate the middlemen in the deal and get a far better deal for advertising on the blog.

Private advertisements come in the form of side and top banners, call to action buttons and links. There is usually a private deal that bloggers reach with the advertisers and get paid on a monthly or one-time basis for advertising on the blog for a fixed period of time. The advertisers can sponsor the blog and the bloggers can earn money through a sponsorship program.

Affiliate Marketing Through Links

Affiliate marketing is really popular online these days. It means bloggers reach a deal with businesses to promote their products and services on their blog. This deal is called affiliate marketing. The businesses pay bloggers to promote their products and services online. If the blogger is popular with the business’s target audiences, it helps the products and services of the business become more popular and generate a sale for the business.

Many bloggers conduct affiliate marketing by providing links to online shopping websites for products and services on the blog. Businesses sometimes pay bloggers based on the number of clicks and sales generated through the links on the blog.

Sell Digital Products Online

Blogs are not just about writing text and content on the web pages but these blogs can also become online shops and bloggers can sell digitals products online. They can sell their products as well as other people’s digital products online and get a percentage of the sales of other people’s digital products. Digital products that can be sold through the blog include e-books, online courses and workshops, images, videos, content, music and even create products like apps, themes, and plug-ins.

Business Content Marketing

There are usually two ways in which people can make money through blogs. The method of making money directly through the blog one way and the other way is to use the blog as a content marketing tool for the business. Many times starting a blog online is a way for businesses to regularly inform their potential customers about the information, advertisements and other marketing content about the businesses through their blog.

These blogs are used to sell products and services, reach new customers and maintain a loyal following for the business. This is a way in which the blog is used to get more customers for a business to earn more money by using an online blog. The primary product of the business in this form of earning money is not the blog.

Starting a Blog Membership

A successful blog can monetize in many ways. These blogs are very popular with customers and so the blogger can keep a free component on the blog and also keep some parts of the blog website. This means that some areas of the website and some offers on the website can be members only and bloggers can charge a membership fee for these aspects of the website.

The membership aspect of the website should be designed in such a way that the member-only value of the blog must be real. This means that the members should get an exclusive offer for the proposition for the member’s only area of the website and not get the same value somewhere else on the internet for free.

Build Business Credibility through the Blog

There are various ways to earn money through a blog if a blogger can think of creative ways of expanding the business beyond the blog. The blog can be used to earn credibility in a particular field before starting a business in that field. Well known bloggers that have consistently put out expert content regularly form credibility in the subject.

If they then expand the business and write a book or start a consultancy in the field, they are likely to get a lot of clients. For example, a blogger with expert knowledge in finance can write a book on a specific topic in the financial world or a fashion blogger can then start a business selling the latest fashionable products online. Blogging becomes the starting point of establishing credibility before starting a business in the same niche as the blog.

Blogs are used in plenty of ways to earn money and if the bloggers get help or know the ways to monetize the blog, they can even earn a good living through these blogs online.

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Sam Evans

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