Finding a niche for your blog is one thing. Becoming a trusted and reliable voice in that area is another. Many people start a blog with little or no preparation and learn as they go along. The early bloggers had no benchmark but today there are no excuses. It’s much more satisfying to hit the ground running by planning to totally own your niche from day one.

To be really successful, the topic of your blog needs to be more than a casual interest. It needs to be something that you are passionate and knowledgeable about. You want to become a source for people who want to find out more about a topic. And when you give information and advice, it needs to come from a voice of authority.

Setting the tone

When you start your blog, you might be tempted to write as if you are a fan or enthusiast in your own niche. You might see yourself as your own target audience. But you need to rise above this. People might enjoy reading your opinions as a fellow enthusiast but when they arrive at your blog, they will be expecting to learn from your expertise.

This is even truer if you plan to create an income from your blog – you need to project a professional tone from the outset. This is your kingdom and you need to rule it.

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Practice what you preach

If you are going to recommend other sites, products or services, you should make sure that you have in-depth knowledge of these. If a sports bettor or online casino fan clicks on a website such as Bonus Finder Canada, they want to be sure that the list of services listed has been thoroughly tested. The same is true for sites such as HighYa that review numerous products and services ranging from finance and insurance to technology and travel. Don’t recommend anything that you would not use yourself or have never tried yourself – you could quickly lose trust.

Be self-assured

Try to avoid sounding unsure when you are writing about a topic. Avoid using noncommittal words such as ‘think’, ‘possible’, ‘might’, ‘perhaps’ and ‘believe’. Instead, you should be emphatic wherever possible by using words like ‘clearly’, ‘in fact’, ‘definitely’ and ‘obviously’. Instead of proposing an opinion, you should assert it. Present your knowledge and expertise as fact and back it up with more details. Once people start to regard you as a specialist, they will come back to you again.

Keep your reader engaged

Being a voice of authority does not mean you have to be strict or boring. You can be an expert and still be funny, engaging and full of personality. Try to project this in your writing to avoid sounding stale. In the long term, you want your readers to regard you as a kind of friend who they turn to when they need advice on a certain topic.

Finally, see how others have become successful and see what aspects you can apply to your own publication. If you can take all this on board when you launch your blog, while providing killer content, you will be on your way to success.

Sam Evans

Sam Evans

Sam is the founder of BloggingVirus. He previously managed the content marketing efforts for multinational brands. Now he teaches bloggers how to create a blog that thrives in a noisy online world. Fun fact: Sam can 'split the atom' on a yo-yo.

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