The human race has since evolved from the days of dial-pad phones and gadgets, we now focus on things that bring us instant joy and gratification. Majority of such content i.e. games that are available on the android play store.

To play some of the android games that are immensely popular in the current time, a gamer would require a stable and well-working internet connection. Spectrum Internet comes true on all such demands and requirements. If you are up-to-date on your spectrum español pagos i.e. Spectrum payments, then you could take full advantage of that internet connection and benefit from those online android games.


  7. Hitman go

Among Us

We all know the game Among Us because back in 2020 in quarantine it was one of the best companions although the game launched in the year 2018 it gained popularity in 2020. In this game, the character works quietly to murder the other character and to restore your spaceship you with another astronaut figure out the killer. in this game, you can trust no one even your friends, and use old tricks to figure out the truth and then throw the killer out.

Arena of valor

MOBA industry on PC has been dominated by Dota 2 and leagues of legends. However, on mobile playing on it is a bit difficult. Arena of Valor, a mobile game from Tencent, is among the finest ways to play this strange real-time strategy genre on the move.

The Crossy Road

Give me any gadget that can play Crossy Road, and I’ll do all I can to get that chicken back across the road. As a systematic infinite runner, the Frogger model works beautifully. Chickens are naturally hilarious, and the bright voxel appearance is legendary.


In this game, you require a weapon that is attached to your feet on a different level so what is the goal is in this game? So before you meet your end you have to run. Bullets don’t only kill you they can reposition your hover too. The level of this game is very vintage and is very shady you can throw red splashes in good measures and if you experience vertical position this means you are about to fall.


Fortnite’s is one game that has stuck around for ages. The main objective of the game being domination of the other participants, Fortnite brings a whole new definition to the online gaming experience. Hence, it would be wise that individuals get a good and stable internet connection to play this game.

Hitman Go

Hitman Go is a sleek, abstract twist on everyone’s favorite bald video game assassin’s normally realistic killings. It is similar to tabletop board games as you take turns to move your respective agents’ pieces all around the board. Fortunately, the darkly humorous technique is still in place, and the clean, beautiful style feels right for someone who makes a livelihood off of cold, calculated murder.


From the beginning, the mobile application of Minecraft was not similar to the Pc or console version. the game was different from the Pc version and it was solely was alone the mobile version with no similarities at all and that’s the reason for its popularity because it works very smoothly on phone and you can kill the creepers and make the building on your little screen.


Games can be a great way of passing time and nowadays gaming industry is one of the emerging industries in the world. You can even earn money through gaming too and what else could be better than earning money from something you enjoy too. However, the above-mentioned games don’t give you money but all these games are free and you can practice your skills on them.

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