Is your law firm’s website recording an upward curve in traffic? Are your social media views and engagements with followers rising? If not, you might be committing one or more of the following digital marketing mistakes you are about to learn below.

One of the things that makes digital marketing so effective is that if executed right, it takes your law firm right to where potential clients are searching for your services. And while this does not happen overnight, especially with organic marketing, the final results are worth the effort.

So, why aren’t you getting more clicks on your content or social media followers paying enough attention to your posts? Check that you are not doing any of these:

Lacking Specific Goals

The worst you can do for your law firm is start digital marketing without specific goals. Sure, you are setting up social media and paying a website designer to bring in more clients but how are you going to do this?

Having specific goals like increasing engagement or selling your services helps you create an effective strategy using the right tools. This way, you’ll be moving in the right direction without investing in the wrong places.

Doing It on Your Own

Digital marketing is not as easy as it sounds in theory. There’s so much that a marketer does besides coming up with a strategy and keeping up with social media comments.

Between attending court cases, mediation meetings, or visiting clients, you might not have the time to do your law firm’s digital marketing in the right way. Consider hiring a marketing agency that has specialized in law firms.

There’s No Consistency

In the age of digital marketing, nearly every business is striving to have an online presence. As such, you have to remain at the top of your followers’ minds by being consistent.

If you have a blog on your website, ensure that you post at least once a week and nearly daily on social media.

Insufficient Market Research

A successful digital marketing strategy is based on exhaustive market research. Without this, you’ll be making uninformed decisions, which always end in a failed marketing campaign.

First, identify your target audience and research their wants and needs. Next, determine the most ideal channels to reach potential clients such as choosing between Twitter and LinkedIn. Finally, research the high-performing and most popular keywords in your industry to implement in your content and rank at the top among relevant search results.

Lacking a Resource Section on Your Website

Your law firm’s website should attract potential clients but also answer any related legal questions they might have. Besides a well-designed landing home page with your values, practice areas, contact address, and a call-to-action, your site should have a resource section as well.

This can be either a blog or a FAQs section with the goal of educating site visitors. When potential clients can find solutions easily from you, they are also likely to contact your law firm should they need legal representation.

Car accident attorneys, for instance, can share articles on what to expect when filing an injury lawsuit.

Shying Away from Videos

Recent statistics show that videos perform better than any other type of content, and it’s even better if it’s live. Videos can capture and maintain your clients’ attention, increasing engagement and alleviating bounce rates.

Law firms can take advantage of this opportunity by educating followers on important legal matters through videos. If you are a child custody lawyer, for example, you can discuss some of the challenges ex-partners can expect while navigating the process or host an industry expert to talk about related topics.

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