For any business, attracting qualified leads is crucial to see increased revenue. And SEO is one of the most significant factors that drive traffic to your site.

Internet users tend to trust the links that show up on Google’s top search results. If your website does not rank in the top three, you may lose these prospects.

Leverage organic SEO in Perth for your website by improving your online visibility. Search rankings with SEO are natural results and are based on merit. Google, Bing, or Yahoo, considers different factors to deem your website trustworthy. SEO helps you dominate the competition in your niche. It lets Google know that your site has up-to-date content relevant to the users.

Organic SEO can help bring in potential customers that are keen to buy your services. It is a long-term strategy that produces excellent results. Here’s how:

Search Engine Optimisation Is Targeted at Specific Customers

SEO, digital marketing, and lead generation are critical components of advertising. While PPC or social media ads are paid advertising channels, SEO is free of cost. These paid strategies and traditional advertising like TV, radio, and print ads are outbound. That means you communicate with people who may or may not have an interest in your business.

On the other hand, SEO is an inbound marketing strategy. This indirect marketing campaign targets explicitly the consumers that are more likely to purchase your product. For instance, someone that owns a pool may be looking for pool supplies. And, you sell pool supplies in Perth. Organic SEO places your website prominently on the search results page, where users can find you.

SEO Adheres to the Latest Technology

The internet penetration rate in Australia stands at a whopping 88% by January 2020. 22.31 million people browse the web for various purposes. Search engines frequently update their algorithms and change the way they rank websites. And SEO keeps up with the advancements.

You can implement the latest tools and SEO techniques to raise your search rankings. Experts optimise the site to improve the technical aspects of SEO, like page load speeds. Enhanced user experience also makes it easier for search engine bots to crawl.

SEO Success Is Measurable

Lead generation through organic SEO in Perth is more effective than cold-calling and sending spammy emails. You may expend a significant amount of money on paid advertising and achieve success, but it is unmeasurable. There is no tangible way to track traffic sources.

With SEO, you can track the leads generated and measure the progress of your marketing efforts. SEO metrics track the time spent by users on your site and what keeps them engaged. You can check if users are scrolling down a page and taking the desired action. You can measure the number of unique visits and ROIs.

​​SEO Can Reach the Customers Wherever They Are

People nowadays use their mobile devices to research products and services online. 93% of Australians have smartphones, and 11% of the country uses smart home devices. You must reach customers on the move looking for local businesses in Perth. A mobile responsive website plays a significant role in providing searchers with smooth user experience.

It is equally vital to optimise your site for voice search. Smartphone or smart device users prefer to input voice queries over typing. With proper keyword research and long-tail key phrases, they can find you quickly. It also allows them to share content they like.

SEO Helps Determine the Users’ Search Intent

Organic SEO helps you in understanding your audiences. Not everyone searches for a product with the intent to purchase. They may also be looking only for information or performing research so they can buy later. Some may search for services within their budget or to fit their specific requirements.

Hence, you need to create different SEO content for each demographic and target them separately. For instance, you should not use the same language to appeal to a small business owner and an individual buyer.

Organic SEO campaigns involve creating different buyer personas to find your ideal customers. These are generalised profiles that describe the common traits of people looking for your business. The characteristics can be of working moms, stay-at-home dads, older adults, students, etc.

By creating various personas, you will be able to understand user behaviour and potential pain points. You can target these customer groups better. Combined with SEO in Perth metrics, you can determine the areas of improvement on your site. Organic lead generation leads to more traffic, which increases conversions.

Sam Evans

Sam Evans

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