Writing is a tremendous career that helps to find out other variants in case of leaving a writing job. You can perform with your skills that are advantageous in other jobs, and it is a favorable option to achieve your promotional goals effectively. Some best variants of jobs for writers are mentioned as under in which ones the Thesis Geek experts also were interested.


  • Communication directors

You can work as a communication director for any company, as a writer can fulfill the nature of this job quickly. The earning standard of this variant is also satisfactory, and it is reported as a communication director can earn $79,000 comfortably.

  • Speechwriter

A speechwriter is another imperative variant for the writer, and it depends on creativity skill. This ability is highly concerned with the writer, and it can be said that a writer can perform as a speechwriter successfully with the earning package of $77, 000 professionally.

  • Technical writer

You can choose any technical subject and make writing skills relevant to that field, mainly. It is also known as the specialization of writing in any specific field. It is offering an excellent earning package that is mentioned as $75, 000. Several organizations are seeking technical writers, and you can join any organization with the best working experiences.

  • Novelist

A writer is presenting his content with a variety of topics, and it can be modified as a novelist with the best developmental strategies. A novelist is earning a handsome amount with his skills and also earning good honor and esteem in the social order. You can present your perceptions about social and commercial complexities with the use of softness and effective writing strategies.

  • Columnist

You can be a columnist who is writing in the newspaper about current affairs. It is a famous variant for the writer and linked with the presentation of an analytical approach for political, social, and economic incidents. Being a columnist, you are capable of presenting your opinion and convincing the readers according to specific perceptions.

  • Book editor

Book editing is another significant variant for the writer, and it can be polished with a presentation of editing services for different organizations. The earning aspect of this variant is also satisfactory, and anyone can join it with the hope of the best career building. Book editing leads to book writing, which is favored in social and professional standards.

  • Marketing writer

You can become a marketing expert with presenting effective promotional content. The marketing strategies are categorized into two parts. The first part is related to the provision of marketing content, and the second phase is connected with the utilization of content by promotional strategies. Meanwhile,e a writer can adopt it as the best job variant, and he can get professional success in the industry.

  • Proposal writer

it is a business aspect for writers because a writer can present proposals for new projects along with a description of relevant details. This variant can also be dealt with research projects that are presented with research proposals to make the analytical approaches useful.

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