Got bored watching the same old stuff on Netflix and not finding something new? Or you’re looking to change your streaming service? Fret not, because we have curated a list of 10 best Netflix alternatives for you.

No doubt, Netflix is one of the best and well-known video streaming services across the world. But it doesn’t mean that it is the only one. There are a lot of video streaming services that can keep you entertained. Even some of these services are entirely free.

So, here is the list of 10 best alternatives to Netflix that you should try.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an excellent video streaming service that you can use instead of using Netflix. It provides a vast collection of popular movies, TV series, and Amazon’s itself produced content. Jack Ryan, The Man in The High Castle, Mirzapur are few famous Amazon’s original series.

Amazon Prime costs $12.99/month, but with this single account, you will access to the bunch of amazon prime perks like Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Reading and early access to the deals on Amazon’s shopping website & app. If you want the standalone Amazon Prime Video access, then it will cost you $8.99/month.


Hulu is my all-time favorite alternative to Netflix. It has a comprehensive collection of TV series and a few Hulu original shows. Though it also contains movies, the section is not that good. The Handmaid’s Tale, Castle Rock, Casual are some of Hulu’s original shows.

The thing I like the most about Hulu is that it releases new episodes of TV shows within a day or two after they aired. The pricing of Hulu starts at just $5.99/month, but it comes with ads. You can upgrade your plan to remove ads and other restrictions.


HBO is a popular name among users. The reason is that it has produced a lot of hit shows and offers an extensive library of content to choose from. From old shows like the Sopranos to the latest hits like Chernobyl, it has a lot of stuff to watch. Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Barry are some of the HBO original content.

At $14.99/month, HBO is definitely not on the side of a budget-friendly service, but it worths every single penny because of the content it offers.


Vudu is yet another brilliant streaming service that allows users to rent and buy movies and TV shows to watch online. With a massive collection of movies and TV series, Vudu could be a great alternative to Netflix. No Country for Old Men, Spotlight, Oldboy are some of the popular series on Vudu.

Vudu doesn’t offer its original content yet (Though they’re planning), but still, because of their budget-friendly pricing and versatile collection entertaining content, I recommend you to give it a try.


Sony’s Crackle is a great option that you can use instead of Netflix. The thing that attracts most of the users is that it is entirely free. It offers around 150+ movies and 75+ popular shows that you can enjoy. I know the collection of content is not that big comparing Netflix or other streaming services, but it offers plenty of awesome shows like The Oath, Chosen, Happy Endings.

As I have already said, it is entirely free; the only issue with Crackle is that the services come with ads included. Each ad takes around 30 seconds, and a 1-hour video has approximately 8-9 ads placed.


Hooq is a top-rated video streaming service across Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, India, etc. It offers a massive collection of 10,000 movies and TV shows. You can easily find popular shows and films like Arrows, Flash, Sherlock Holmes, Gunpowder on Hooq.

It cost Rs 89 (Around $1.5) for three months of subscription to all the content available on Hooq. The pricing is insanely cheap than Netflix. Even it allows you to rent new movies too.


Fandor is the SoundCloud of video streaming services. Mostly it contains the shows, movies, and documentaries that are independently created. So, if you’re okay to avoid popular films and shows and want to drown yourself in the lake of content, you can give it a try.

It cost $10/month, but you can get it at a lower price if you choose to go for an annual plan. I know it’s not the pocket-friendly option, but you’ll get access to the content that is not available on any other platform.


Everyone’s favorite YouTube is the best free Netflix alternative. It has a massive collection of user-generated content that is freely available. It also allows you to rent a few movies, including Better Off Dead, Blair Witch Project, etc. You’ll also find plenty of shows on YouTube.

The service is ad-supported, but to remove those ads, you can go with YouTube Premium that also offers a bunch of excellent features like making videos offline, background play, and access to YouTube music.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another free but ad-supported video streaming service on our list. It has a decent collection of around 50,000 titles in its library. You can enjoy movies and shows like My Crazy Ex, The FBI Files, Camelot, The Take and many others.

Since it is the free service, you’ve to deal with commercials. Also, you can’t expect the latest movies and TV shows, but still, you’ll get your hands on plenty of good stuff.


The concept of Mubi is entirely different than other video streaming services on the list. Instead of offering a massive collection of content, it offers a rotating selection of 30 movies that changes daily. They add a new film every day and then delete an old one.

You can subscribe to Mubi at $10.99/month, or you can solely rent movies. Usually, the rentals start from $2.99 and can go up to $5.99 per film. It can be a great Netflix alternative, but the lack of content may work as a deal-breaker for some.


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