It is soon going to be the start of the new semester year. A lot of students might already be preparing themselves for another year of hostel life. Honestly, hostel life can get challenging, especially if you are new to it. The withered desk and the springy bed, wouldn’t suffice, to keep you comfortable. Yes, you need a lot more than these two basics. So, here we have come up with a list of nine gadgets that will make your hostel life easy and convenient. Let’s get started and take a look at these gadgets one by one.

1. A quality power bank

You won’t have much entertainment gadgets in your room. As a result, you’ll end up spending a lot of time calling or texting your friends and family, or watching movies on your phone. For this, you want your phone to be all charged up at all times. Now, a lot of you might say, I have a charger, why do I need a power bank? Is it convenient standing next to a charging point while texting your friend? No, right? So, get a good quality power bank that can charge your phone up to 3 times.

2. A USB Lamp

Hostel rooms barely have enough light. So, a USB lamp by the bedside will keep the room illuminated and bright. Anaida, who offers do my accounting homework online, says, that a lamp will be handy if you are sharing a room with a roommate. So, when the light is turned off, and you want to study, turn on the USB lamp. It will have sufficient light to brighten up your side of the room without disturbing anyone.

3. A laptop lock

You might think that you have all friendly faces around, but a dorm is not the place you trust. So, you must keep your most valuable gadget, i.e., your laptop safe. For this, you can use a laptop lock. Jiah, who offers online do my programming homework service, states that a laptop lock keeps her laptop protected every time she walks out of the room. Hence, owning a laptop lock is a necessity for every hosteller.

4. An Electric Kettle

While you are in a hostel, you have to study till late. To pull that off, you need tea to keep you awake. James, who offers online pay for research paper servicesays, that he is a big-time tea addict, so owning a kettle has been a blessing for him. When you have an electric kettle in your room, you can prepare a cup of tea even at 2 AM. You can use the kettle to get some warm water, make tea, coffee, or maggie. Other things that you can prepare via an electric kettle include eggs and oats. So, use this cool gadget and satiate your midnight hunger pangs with ease. Even on days when you are sick, boil some milk in the kettle and drink it. It will bring you instant relief. Hence, a kettle is a must-have tool for hostellers.

5. A Sound-Canceling Headphone 

In a hostel, dull moments don’t come easy. There will always be chaos around you – someone will be snoring loudly or playing the guitar. Amidst all this noise, how do you focus on your studies? The only way you can block out all the noise around you is by using a quality sound-cancelling headphone. Gargi, who offers the best blockchain courses online, says that while she lived in a hostel, it was impossible to focus on studies amidst all the noise and chaos, which is why she invested in a quality sound-cancelling headphone. You can find many affordable headphones online, but before you splurge, check reviews of the headphone.

6. A Multi-plug Adaptor

Sam, who did an excellent semrush review online, says, that in a hostel room, there aren’t enough charging outlets. If you are lucky, you’ll find one for yourself, but what do you do when you have more than one gadget which needs charging at the same time? To cater to that, you’ll need to invest in a good multi-plug charger. A multi-plug charger will cater to all your charging hassles. You can use it to run your kettle, charge your laptop or phone, all at once.

7. Alarm Clock

For a class at 8 AM, you need to wake up early. So, invest in an alarm clock that is loud enough to have you up and active right in time.

8. Garment Steamer

You don’t want to go to your college with crinkled clothes, do you? So, buy yourself a garment steamer that will keep your clothes crease-free. Kiara, who offers online write my research paper services, states that the garment steamer has been instrumental in making her look presentable, during lectures and parties with friends.

9. Wireless Speakers

Do you wish to take your next dorm party a notch up? If yes, you must invest in a handy wireless speaker. You can connect the speaker via Bluetooth to any of your devices like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet and listen to your favourite tunes. If you are somebody who enjoys singing and dancing, it is a must-have gadget for you.

So, these according to us, are the top gadgets that you’ll need to survive your hostel life. Most of the gadgets listed above are affordable and compact. So, go ahead and make your purchase right away!

Sam Evans

Sam Evans

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