Bootstrap is a front-end framework that enables you to develop websites for mobile devices fast and easily. It was first used to create Twitter, but now it can be used to build anything like WordPress themes, web applications, or bootstrap admin dashboard. It is free and versatile software available for all. With the help of Bootstrap, you can convert simple web pages according to your style and needs. It enables you to develop web pages with various shortcuts to save your time and hard work.

Bootstrap saves you from wasting your time to write super lengthy codes, it helps a website to run smoothly on different screen sizes. It saves you from creating device-specific websites that require a lot of time and work.

What are the Uses of Bootstrap?

The main work of the bootstrap framework is to simplify the process of web development. Below are the benefits of the Bootstrap framework:


In today’s time, responsiveness is what everyone is looking for on any website. Due to the fluid grid design that dynamically adjusts according to the screen resolution. It comes equipped with predefined classes that make web development easy.

Ease of Use

For sure, bootstrap is the easiest to use and comfy framework of all time. It saves a lot of time which you have to spend while writing long lines of code.

Speedy Development

Speed is the feature that comes on first while consideration, it is the best feature that everyone expects to be good in any framework. In bootstrap, instead of coding from nothing, you can use pre-build coding blocks and prepare your website. You can also select from the bootstrap templates available for free.


Everyone wants the freedom to customize things according to their needs and preferences. Bootstrap allows users to customize as per user needs.


Bootstrap also has an online support community that can help you whenever you’re stuck or don’t know what you did wrong. The community works on improving the performance of the new build to fix issues in it.

Open Source

The main and foremost reason to use bootstrap is that it is an open-source free to all project, available on GitHub. There are no payment requirements to purchase it. Free to all.

What does the Bootstrap package include?

Bootstrap works on packages to give the best and desired results. These are the package contents.


• JavaScript Plugins

• Components like icons, alerts, and much more.

• Scaffolding

• Customization

Who is using Bootstrap Framework?

Bootstrap is easy to use and widely preferred technology that is used to develop websites. You can build a website for any scale, small too big. Many big tech companies are using Bootstrap like Snapchat, Spotify, NASA, Linked In, and many more.


Bootstrap is no doubt a super-efficient and powerful framework that eases the developer’s work. Any web developer can use their projects on this framework. It is a very adaptable framework with dozens of attributes to ease your work.


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