UI and UX design are the most confusing terms in-app and web design world. They are most of the time put together as one single term. But don’t worry, by the end of this blog you will have a proper understanding of the two. So, let’s start!!

What is UI Design?

The UI stands for “user interface”. It is a graphical plan of an application. It has buttons that users click, some texts they read, sliders, text fields, and the rest of the user interactive elements. Any type of visual element must be designed. This is the job of UI designers, it’s their call in how the app will look like. They have to come up with elements shape and color schemes, they design and create the overall look and feel of the app’s user interface.

UI designers are very much concerned with the visuals, themes, aesthetics, and other elements of the applications.

What is UX Design?

The UX stands for “user experience”. UX is based on the interaction of customers with the application. User experience is based on how hard or easy it is to use the app’s user interface elements that designers have designed. UX designers are also related to the user interface of the application, and this is the reason behind the confusion between the two as one. UX designers make sure the operations of the user interface.

They decide the functioning and structure of the user interface. Mainly, they design how the user interface works. If it is properly designed and works well, the users will have an amazing experience.

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How UI and UX Work Together?

UX designer handles how the user interface works whereas UI designer handles the user interface looks like. This is a collective process, both teams have to work together to nail it. As the UX team works on the flow of the application, working on the buttons, and how the interface responds to the user’s needs, the UI team works on the interface elements that appear on the screen.

Proper co-operation between the UI and UX teams assures the outcome of user interface amazing looks while working effectively and efficiently.

Research is the Key:

Research is the core placement for UX and UI designers. Both sides need to gather all the information about the targeted audience. Both have to research the user’s needs and preferences, their expectations from the app. This research is mostly repetitive, involves multiple usability sessions, where your users talk about the functionality and visuals of the application.

This process comprises creating low correctness prototypes. This can also include steady visual design plans and decide what users prefer.


UI and UX design require very different skills, but both have to be in sync for each other’s success. Both user experience and user interface designers have to work together to make wonderful UX and UI.

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