We are always finding new authors who will write for us, who can weave their idea, experience, and knowledge on modern technology and the latest buzz words. If you have a thought that can pull the interest of the readers and develop the industry, we would love to know about it.

To quickly submit the guest post kindly mail, us at admin@bloggingvirus.com along with your article attached.

The primary objective of inviting guest writers is to fill the audience with the latest tech-information and to communicate to a broad audience crowd. To be clear, writing needs work. It needs to be reviewed and be the best, but once it is accepted, it can provide assistance to more established writers and bloggers to develop content and reach out to people.

On the other hand, write for us is also going to get you rewarded. Tou will earn well and gain additional knowledge on stuff you already knew.

What we Publish

Hubs are being produced continuously across articles and blogs. It provides the reader with the structure to excel in that skill. The content required for the hub will be decided by the hub editor, and the ideas will be assigned to authors. The submitted article should be well structured, and the topic should be explored well. Articles can have a casual tone and content.

What we are looking for

Your submission can be a rough paragraph, a partial draft, or a brief pitch. Along with a top-level view, there is a lot of structural and content editing. We will provide feedback about your performance and well solely settle for the final edited content. Also, we do not publish anything that’s already been printed elsewhere; content provided should be completely original.


The editor is the first contact with the project. The editor will provide you with project details and will take submissions. They will be giving you feedback and your performance and will be instructing edits after submissions.

Your relation with the editor needs to be carefully managed. Here are some points you need to take care of to write for us:

  • Deadlines: if due to any reason you miss your deadline for submissions, you need to tell your project editor about it as soon as possible. Generally, they provide you with some more time and are very understanding.
  • Proofread: Always read your article one before sending it. It is really disheartening to see incomplete sentences and spelling-mistakes. A well-structured article is easier to review. The most efficient way is:
    • Introduction
    • Paragraphs to present the topic and the idea.
    • The conclusion to summarize all that you have presented.
  • Feedback: Editors always try to improve the content. They provide you with aids to construct your articles more efficiently. Their feedback is not a personal attack on you or your skill.
  • Plagiarism: All the content you submit is strictly checked with all content on the web. It should not match with the content on any other place on the web. If you provide excessive plagiarism in your content, you may be discarded from the project and maybe even get blacklisted.

How to submit

You can send us your submissions using email. We prefer google document files so that editors can provide you with guidance and feedback regarding the submitted article. After you submit your draft, the following things happen :

  • Firstly, an editor will see your article that you write for us and decide whether its fine for a fit. If it is good, it is discussed and reviewed with the whole team.
  • We accumulate all the points after review, and then the editor contacts you and suggests you with edits in detail along with things like organization, argumentation, and style. Along with the edits, we send the article back.
  • You have to resubmit the article after the edits, and once again the article is reviewed. If the article is fine, then it is accepted; otherwise, it is sent for edits again.
  • Repetitive incompletion in the quality of the article can get you out of the project. If the article is all correct, it is placed live on the web.

Write for us Guidelines:

Below are some guidelines for writers which they need to follow before submitting an article. Submit the article on bloggingvirus.


  • Submit original posts. Plagiarism is not appreciated in the industry. The content submitted to write for us should not be available anywhere on the web or offline.
  • Use a unique voice and passion. Using vibrant vocabulary develops the interest of the reader. Confusion in language and repetition of words makes the article monotonous, and it kills the interest of the reader. Using a captivating sentence at the beginning makes the audience bind to the article.
  • Take caution on the structure and word count. Too lengthy paragraphs tend to get monotonous. Use the right amount of words in a paragraph to make your article look fantastic. Using a sequential structure in your draft makes it easy to understand and relatable. Use subheadings and questions in your paragraph to prompt the reader to consider the idea.


  • Don’t send vague articles. Our primary objective is to provide high-end articles on tech-related topics. Any misleading information and lose the trust of the reader. T is advised to pick good quality information and place it in your articles.
  • Don’t send promotional philosophy. Any article promoting any business or product advised not to be submitted. We do not promote any commercial service and wish to provide life-enhancing content to our community. It’s their choice to choose any service or product related to the idea. It is advised to keep self-promotion for the author’s bio part.
  • Don’t send blunt ideas. We expect complete and descriptive articles from our writers. Instead of submitting ideas and steps, please submit the entire article with proper structure. Anything that violates our terms of use is advised not to be included in the article. However, links to images and videos that explain the article are appreciated if they are free.

We reserve the right to :

  • Discard articles that are submitted without providing the author with any reason.
  • Edit and omit articles wherever necessary to help improve reader interest and engagement.
  • Change articles including but not limited to spelling grammar and structure.
Sam Evans

Sam Evans

Sam is the founder of BloggingVirus. He previously managed the content marketing efforts for multinational brands. Now he teaches bloggers how to create a blog that thrives in a noisy online world. Fun fact: Sam can 'split the atom' on a yo-yo.

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