Every year, the increase in road traffic accidents beg you to ask one question, what are the causes? While some accidents are due to factors beyond your control, others are due to your driving mistakes and negligence. No matter how good of a driver you are, some accidents are unavoidable.

A car accident lawyer in the Bronx says there would be fewer road accidents if every driver thinks about their safety. Therefore, it would help if you thought about your safety every time you’re on the road. Read on to learn more about the driving mistakes you should avoid to ensure the safety of everyone sharing the road.

1. Diverted Attention While Driving

When you are driving, you should only have one job which is to drive. Unfortunately, other tasks may shift your focus from the road and result in a collision. Minor tasks such as texting while driving and tuning the radio are dangerous distractions that cause many severe accidents.

In a distracted driving accident, your reaction time is delayed, and the resulting collision can be severe. The next time you are driving, focus on the road by avoiding distractions that may shift your focus.

2. Speeding

Although the thrill you feel while racing on the road is exciting, it’s extremely dangerous. There is a speed limit on the road, and you must stick to it. When you fail to adhere to the speed limit, it is hard to come to a secure stop, especially when in traffic.

When you fail to come to a safe stop when in traffic, it results in multiple collisions that may cost road users their lives.

3. Making Assumptions on the road

You are not in control of the reactions of other drivers, but you should not make any assumptions. When you make assumptions while driving, it contributes to severe accidents. For example, when you want to change lanes, do not assume the driver behind you will understand and give way.

Instead of assuming the other driver’s action, use your indicators in the right way to alert them of your next move. They will slow down and yield.

4. Driving While Intoxicated

Whenever you drive while under the influence of alcohol, it impairs your judgment and reaction time. When you are unable to make a traffic decision and your reaction time is questionable, you’re putting lives at risk. In case of an avoidable rear-end collision, braking in time to avoid the crash may be impossible when you are drunk.

The next time you feel like driving after some drinks, think of the many people you could hurt. Instead, get a designated driver to take you home or order a cab.

5. Failure to Indicate

An indicator is a powerful tool for any driver on the road. It alerts other drivers when you are changing lanes or making a turn. When you indicate while on the street, the driver behind or beside you understands your next move and slows down to give way. Failing to use your indicator when making a turn forces the other drivers to react abruptly, which may be too late.

Safety Starts With You

A driver is an essential element of a successful transportation system. Acknowledging that your actions as a driver could cause road accidents. Be responsible and play your part in preventing collisions by avoiding the above driving errors. Safety on the road begins with the driver.

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