The last decade has shown social media solidify into multifaceted, thriving communities where over 3.2 billion population globally are active daily. Over 90 percent of millennial regularly use one of these platforms.

Also, more than 85 percent of Generation “Z” learn and understand new products via social media. It is not difficult to see why nearly 3/4th of social media marketers believe social sharing is an effective tool for their business.

So how should B2C, online B2B marketplaces, or an average user should forecast future trends of social media? Here is a breakdown of a few significant trends that will evolve in 2020 on social media:

1 – Instagram “Likes” will be no longer

Instagram is the most recent in the latest rundown of social media life locales trying to make likes less eminent. You will never again have the option to see the number of likes other Instagram posts receive, despite the fact that you can still observe likes on your own posts.

The concept has been appreciated as an approach to “depressurize” Instagram and could likewise fight the battle with fake followers and likes – these cushioned numbers can shape brands and influencers seem to have a more extensive reach then they actually do. However, if likes do leave, advertisers, brands and influencers will need to discover strategies to adjust to these changes.

2 – Decreased focus on vanity metrics

To vanish the “like” button on Instagram is a component of a wider trend to underrate the utilization of “vanity metrics” via social media. In a TED talk, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said that:

“If I could go back, I wouldn’t emphasize the “like” button so much.”

For social media advertisers and influencers, this should flag that it’s an excellent opportunity to dig further into workable metrics, for example, the quality and rate of visitor engagement on social media. Savvy advertisers will observe and start exploring user demographics and pertinent customer information to see better and grasp how to target potential clients.

3 – Video content is king

The video keeps on being one of the most significant trends in the online networking world. Truth be told, the video will make up 82 percent of all web traffic in 2020, as indicated by Social Media Today. As social media platforms search for ways to additionally prioritize video content, marketers will progressively focus on recordings as a component of their general strategies to target certain markets.

Watch out for how this format reshapes promoting techniques. There will be an emphasis on innovative, engaging content that catches user attention in a short span.

4 – TikTok will distort the social video

The increasing focus on video means that video-led platforms like TikTok will continue to grow exponentially.

TikTok is increasing client engagement with its crisp, entertaining, and engaging content that is not excessively focused around a hard sell. To put it plainly, TikTok is the direct opposite of your mom’s Instagram account since it shuns the excessively curated and filtered perspective on life, Instagram has become known for.

5 – Segmentation of social media audience

Regardless of whether we’re showcasing a product or branding ourselves, we make our social media posts with the viewpoint of our audience – or if nothing else who we think our crowd is. The issue is, we don’t always have a firm understanding of who precisely is in our niche, nor do we work of customizing our message to target specific crowd. This one-size-fits-all methodology is missing the vessel on audience classification.

The division intends to deliberately partition your audience into meaningful classes dependent on individual preferences. Segmentation goes past essential demographics by enabling you to target and fabricate rapport and a sense of community with specific audience units. In the coming months, the division will be a characterizing line between the savviest social media methodologies and those that are simply blindly going for it.

6 – Customized video marketing will become huge

Audience division goes connected at the hip with an expanding level of customized internet based life advertising. It bodes well that joining division with our affection for video will bring about customized video promoting – think video content that is adaptable and hyper-pertinent to explicit sections of your market.

Online networking platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, are as of now pushing brands to deliver video content through Story Ads, to some degree on the grounds that these promotion battles frequently observe higher conversion rates than conventional News Feed advertisements. Twitter is additionally hopping into the brawl with six-second video-based ads. Customized content will take this pattern to a whole new level.

7 – More private, less public interactions

As our lists of social media ‘friends’ become more unwieldy, more users are turning towards messaging apps and private groups to interact with each other. Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram messaging permits us to create intimate groups where we can feel secure in sharing detailed yet private information with others.

The top messaging apps now combine nearly 5 billion active users per month. That is, more users compared to conventional social networks have globally.


Concentrate on fun, essential engagement, be receptive to client communication, and find meaningful approaches to show social obligation and a more profound level of social interaction. Doing this will assist you with remaining on track regarding social media in the year 2020 and beyond.

Sam Evans

Sam Evans

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